U.S.Mar 8, 1993
507 U.S. 974 (1993)

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  • State v. Rodriguez

    Although the court noted in Sustar that the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment and the command…

  • Com. v. Fisher

    We cannot agree. We previously addressed the retroactive application of an aggravating factor in Commonwealth…

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  • holding police may, as part of standardized inventory procedure, search items in defendant's possession without warrant

    Summary of this case from Commonwealth v. Thomas

  • finding no prejudice in admission of certain evidence from Commonwealth witness in guilt phase via a detective's testimony that went toward establishing aggravating factor where jury ultimately did not find this aggravating factor

    Summary of this case from Com. v. Mitchell

  • acknowledging the possibility that due process may requires a higher standard of proof than a mere preponderance "if the punishment meted out following application of the sentencing factors overwhelms or is extremely disproportionate to the punishment that would otherwise be imposed"

    Summary of this case from U.S. v. White

No. 92-1325.

March 8, 1993, OCTOBER TERM, 1992.

C.A. 10th Cir. Certiorari denied. Reported below: 978 F. 2d 1204.