Wrennv.Richland Corr. Inst.

Court of Claims of OhioJan 12, 2007
No. 2006-06078-AD (Ohio Misc. 2007)
No. 2006-06078-AD2007 Ohio 659

No. 2006-06078-AD.

Filed January 12, 2007.


{¶ 1} On September 20, 2006, plaintiff, Marshall Wrenn, filed a complaint against defendant, Richland Correctional Institution. Plaintiff did not submit the filing fee or a poverty statement with the complaint. On September 22, 2006, this court issued a notice to pay filing fee requiring plaintiff to submit the filing fee or the poverty statement before October 22, 2006, or face dismissal of his case. A check of the docket reveals plaintiff has failed to comply with this notice. On October 24, 2006, defendant filed a motion to dismiss based on plaintiffs failure to comply with this court's notice.

{¶ 2} Defendant's motion to dismiss is GRANTED. Plaintiff's case is DISMISSED without prejudice. Court costs are absorbed by the court. The clerk shall serve upon all parties notice of this entry of dismissal and its date of entry upon the journal.