Court of Appeals of Texas, Eleventh District, EastlandMay 19, 2005
No. 11-05-00123-CV (Tex. App. May. 19, 2005)

No. 11-05-00123-CV

May 19, 2005.

Appeal from Dallas County.

Panel consists of: ARNOT, C.J., and WRIGHT, J., and McCALL, J.



Phillip Villalba and Veronica Villalba have filed in this court a motion to dismiss their appeal. In their motion, appellants state that they no longer wish to pursue their appeal.

Bruce H. Hines has filed in this court a motion to dismiss his cross-appeal. In his motion, he states that he no longer wishes to pursue his cross-appeal.

Both motions are granted, and the appeal and cross-appeal are dismissed.