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Supreme Court of Nevada.Sep 14, 2012
381 P.3d 673 (Nev. 2012)

No. 61467.


Gregg A. VIETH, Appellant, v. Jack MARCARELLI, Respondent.

Gregg A. Vieth Jack Marcarelli

Gregg A. Vieth

Jack Marcarelli


In this appeal, proper person appellant challenges a district court order reversing a justice court judgment and remanding to the justice court. Pursuant to Article 6, Section 6 of the Nevada Constitution, district courts have final appellate jurisdiction over cases arising in justice court. See Tripp v. City of Sparks, 92 Nev. 362, 550 P.2d 419 (1976) ; Waugh v. Casazza, 85 Nev. 520, 521, 458 P.2d 359, 360 (1969). Accordingly, as we lack jurisdiction to consider this appeal, we

ORDER this appeal DISMISSED.

In light of this order, we deny as moot appellant's August 14, 2012, motion for stay.