Vanv.Vencorp Hospital New Orleans

Supreme Court of LouisianaOct 8, 2004
883 So. 2d 1038 (La. 2004)

No. 2004-CC-1665.

October 8, 2004.

In re Vencorp Hospital New Orleans, et al.; Vencorp Hospital New Orleans a/k/a Vencor Nursing Centers East, L.L.C.; Vencor Nursing Centers East, L.L.C.; Transitional Hospitals Corporation of Louisiana a/k/a Transitional Hospitals Corporation; Transitional Hospitals Corporation; Watkins, John; — Defendant(s); Applying for Supervisory and/or Remedial Writs, Parish of Orleans, Civil District Court Div. C, No. 99-16719; to the Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit, No. 2004-C-0591.