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United States District Court, D. Utah, Central DivisionMay 12, 2003
Case No. 2:03-CR-284 PGC (D. Utah May. 12, 2003)

Case No. 2:03-CR-284 PGC

May 12, 2003


The above-entitled action came on for pretrial conference May 13, 2003 , before Samuel Alba, United States Magistrate Judge. Defense counsel and the Assistant United States Attorney were present. Based thereon the following is entered:

1. A jury trial in this matter is set for 7/21/03 , (2 days) at 8:30 AM. It appears the trial date is appropriate if the matter is to be tried. Proposed instructions are to be delivered to Judge PAUL G. CASSELL by 7/18/03 along with any proposed voir dire questions.

2. The government has an open file policy re: discovery.

Yes X No ____

3. Pretrial motions are to be filed by: 6/6/03 at 5:00 p.m.

4. It is unknown if this case will be resolved by a negotiated plea of some kind. If so, plea negotiations should be completed by 7/7/03. If negotiations are not completed for a plea by the date set, the case will be tried.

5. Issues as to witnesses do not exist in this matter, but defense counsel will make arrangements for subpoenas, if necessary, as early as possible to allow timely service.

6. Defendant's release or detention status: DETAINED.

7. All exhibits will be premarked before Judge PAUL G. CASSELLs clerk before trial.

8. Other order and directions are:

9. Interpreter Needed: Yes ___ No X Language ____________