Tomra of N. Am., Inc.v.Dep't of Treasury

Michigan Supreme Court Lansing, MichiganJun 7, 2019
SC: 158333 (Mich. Jun. 7, 2019)

SC: 158333 SC: 158335


TOMRA OF NORTH AMERICA, INC., Plaintiff-Appellee, v. DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY, Defendant-Appellant.


158335(33) Bridget M. McCormack, Chief Justice David F. Viviano, Chief Justice Pro Tem Stephen J. Markman Brian K. Zahra Richard H. Bernstein Elizabeth T. Clement Megan K. Cavanagh, Justices COA: 336871
Ct of Claims: 16-000118-MT COA: 337663
Ct of Claims: 14-000091-MT

On order of the Chief Justice, the second motion of defendant-appellant to extend the time for filing its brief is GRANTED. The brief will be accepted as timely filed if submitted on or before June 12, 2019.

I, Larry S. Royster, Clerk of the Michigan Supreme Court, certify that the foregoing is a true and complete copy of the order entered at the direction of the Court.

June 7, 2019