Dade County

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Supreme Court of FloridaApr 23, 1969
221 So. 2d 737 (Fla. 1969)

No. 38028.

April 23, 1969.

Writ of Certiorari to District Court of Appeal, Third District, 214 So.2d 634.

Thomas G. Spicer and Edward C. Tietig, Miami, for petitioner.

Thomas C. Britton and Roy S. Wood, Jr., Miami, for respondents.

The petition for writ of certiorari reflected probable jurisdiction in this Court. After argument and upon further consideration, we have determined the writ was improvidently issued. The writ must be and is discharged and the petition is dismissed.

It is so ordered.

ERVIN, C.J., and ROBERTS, DREW, CARLTON and CALDWELL (Retired), JJ., concur.