Taylorv.Resolution Trust Corporation

United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia CircuitOct 4, 1995
No. 95-5001. (D.C. Cir. 1995)
No. 95-5001.66 F.3d 1226

No. 95-5001.

October 4, 1995.

Before: SILBERMAN, WILLIAMS and HENDERSON, Circuit Judges.



Upon consideration of appellant's Petition for Rehearing, it is

ORDERED, by the Court, that the opinion filed herein on June 23, 1995, 56 F.3d 1497, is amended, as follows:

At Page 2, Paragraph 2 ( 56 F.3d at 1500.) delete the first sentence and insert in lieu thereof

We vacate the district court's order to the extent it is moot and affirm that order in all other respects.

At Page 20 ( 56 F.3d at 1509.) delete the last paragraph and insert in lieu thereof

The district court's order denying a preliminary injunction is vacated to the extent moot, and in all other respects affirmed for the reasons stated above.

So Ordered.