Tarabishiv.McAlester Regional Hospital

U.S.Jun 22, 1992
505 U.S. 1206 (1992)

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  • U.S. v. Alkhabaz

    An indictment is sufficient if it "set[s] forth the offense in the words of the statute itself, as long as…

  • Wimbley v. State

    See Ex parte Matthews, 601 So.2d 52, 54 (Ala.) (stating that a court must analyze a confession by looking at…

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  • applying the rule of construction that, if a criminal statute does not specify a "heightened mental element," such as specific intent, general intent is presumed to be the required element

    Summary of this case from U.S. v. Jackson

No. 91-1749.

June 22, 1992.

C.A. 10th Cir. Certiorari denied.