City of Winter Park

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Supreme Court of Florida, Division BNov 14, 1934
117 Fla. 235 (Fla. 1934)
117 Fla. 235157 So. 927

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Opinion Filed November 14, 1934.

A writ of error to the Circuit Court for Orange County, Frank A. Smith, Judge.

George P. Garrett, for Plaintiff in Error;

W. E. Winderweedle and Jones White, for Defendant in Error.

This cause was submitted upon the transcript and briefs, and oral argument was also accorded. After due consideration, we find no material or prejudicial error in the record, and the judgment of the trial court is accordingly affirmed.

WHITFIELD, P. J., and BROWN, and BUFORD, J. J., concur. ELLIS, J., concurs in the opinion and judgment.

TERRELL, J., dissents.

DAVIS, C. J., not participating.