Board of Education

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Supreme Court of North CarolinaMay 1, 2005
614 S.E.2d 923 (N.C. 2005)

No. 128A05.

4 May 2005.

Michael J. Barnett, Hickory, for Cooperative Learning Center, et al.

Mark A. Leach, Winston-Salem, Leslie O. Wickham, Jr., Durham, for Stein and Hootstein.

Richard Schwartz, Raleigh, Michael Delafield, for Asheville City Bd. of Education.

K. Dean Shatley, II, Asheville, for Buncombe County Bd. of Education.

The following order has been entered on the motion filed on the 3rd day of May 2005 by Defendants to Amend New Brief and Alternative Motion to File an Addendum to New Brief:

Motion Allowed by order of the Court in conference this the 4th day of May 2005.