Supreme Court of New Jersey.Oct 14, 2016
154 A.3d 689 (N.J. 2016)
154 A.3d 689228 N.J. 59


STATE of New Jersey, Plaintiff-Respondent, v. Bernard A. VALENTIN (a/k/a Valentine Bernard A.), Defendant-Petitioner. State of New Jersey, Plaintiff, v. Altonio Williams (a/k/a Asa Fann, Atonioy Williams, Antonio Fann, Anthony A. Williams, Shy Guy, Altonia D. Williams), Defendant.

To the Appellate Division, Superior Court:

A petition for certification of the judgment in A-98/327-14 having been submitted to this Court, and the Court having considered the same;

It is ORDERED that the petition for certification is denied.