Appellate Court of ConnecticutApr 15, 1997
44 Conn. App. 744 (Conn. App. Ct. 1997)
44 Conn. App. 744690 A.2d 1390


Argued February 25, 1997

Officially released April 15, 1997

Substitute information charging the defendant with the crimes of sexual assault in the first degree and risk of injury to a child, brought to the Superior Court in the judicial district of New London and tried to the jury before Parker, J.; verdict and judgment of guilty, from which the defendant appealed to this court, which remanded the case to the trial court for further proceedings; on remand, the court made certain findings, and the defendant appealed to this court. Affirmed.

Michael R. Hasse, special public defender, for the appellant (defendant).

John P. Gravalec-Pannone, assistant state's attorney, with whom, on the brief, was Kevin T. Kane, state's attorney, for the appellee (state).

In accordance with our remand in State v. Leduc, 40 Conn. App. 233, 670 A.2d 1309 (1996), the trial court conducted an in camera inspection of the department of children and families file and found that the file does not contain (1) exculpatory evidence, (2) information material and favorable to the defense, (3) favorable evidence that might have led the jury to entertain a reasonable doubt about guilt, (4) information that probably would have changed the outcome of the trial, or (5) any evidence that is material and favorable to the defendant's case.

Our in camera review of the department file leads us to conclude that the court on remand properly found that the file contained no evidence that was favorable and material to the defendant. In its review, the trial court fully complied with the directive of this court by our remand and properly affirmed the judgment.