Clerk of Court, Criminal District Court

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Supreme Court of LouisianaOct 28, 1988
532 So. 2d 164 (La. 1988)

No. 88-KH-1396.

October 28, 1988.

In re Grimmett, Willie T. Jr.; applying for supervisory and/or remedial writs; Parish of Orleans, Criminal District Court, Div. "D", Nos. 262-832, 294-366.

This application is consolidated with relator's application docketed as No. 88-KH2100. Both applications are granted. This district court is ordered to comply with this Court's order of April 4, 1988, to furnish relator with the Boykin transcript in case No. 262-832 D within thirty days. In addition, the district court is ordered to provide this Court with a copy of the letter of transmittal.