State ex rel Tylerv.State

Supreme Court of LouisianaDec 22, 1999
No. 99-KD-3567 (La. Dec. 22, 1999)

No. 99-KD-3567

December 22, 1999

IN RE: Tyler, James III; — Plaintiff; Applying for Supervisory and/or Remedial Writs, Parish of Caddo, 1st Judicial District Court Div. H, Nos. 175, 282;

Granted. Relator's execution set for January 4, 2000 is stayed. Pursuant to La.R.S. 15:149.1, the district court is ordered to appoint the Louisiana Indigent Defense Assistance Board (LIDAB) to relator's case for purposes of enrolling counsel and to conduct a hearing immediately to determine the costs of appointing counsel and the source of funding for such representation, pith the LIDAB present as an interested party with authority to subpoena witnesses. The district court shall take further steps as necessary to protect relator's interests, including the appointment of Jerome Winsberg solely for purposes of representing relator at the hearing.






JOHNSON, J., not on panel.