State ex rel. Coffmanv.State

Supreme Court of Louisiana.Oct 11, 2013
123 So. 3d 1225 (La. 2013)

No. 2013–KH–1095.


STATE ex rel. James Anthony COFFMAN v. STATE of Louisiana.

In re Coffman, James Anthony;—Plaintiff; Applying For Supervisory and/or Remedial Writs, Parish of Bossier, 26th Judicial District Court Div. B, No. 148,794; to the Court of Appeal, Second Circuit, No. 48,316–KH.

Denied. La.C.Cr.P. art. 930.8; State ex rel. Glover v. State, 93–2330 (La.9/5/95), 660 So.2d 1189.