U.S.Mar 29, 1971
401 U.S. 985 (1971)

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  • Phillips v. Virginia Bd. of Medicine

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  • upholding one-year state residence requirement for receipt of in-state college tuition benefits

    Summary of this case from Brill v. Carter

  • upholding Minnesota's residency requirement because the student could rebut the presumption, after having lived in the state for one year, by presenting some evidence of residency status

    Summary of this case from In re Advisory From the Governor

  • upholding on rational basis grounds Minnesota's one-year durational residency requirement for reduced tuition at the state university

    Summary of this case from Thomas v. Bailey

No. 1250.

March 29, 1971.

Affirmed on appeal from D. C. Minn. MR. JUSTICE WHITE is of the opinion that probable jurisdiction should be noted and case set for oral argument. Reported below: 326 F. Supp. 234.