Stambaugh's Air Service, Inc.v.Aviation Enterprises International, Inc.

District Court of Appeal of Florida, Third DistrictApr 28, 1999
730 So. 2d 848 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 1999)

No. 98-2875

Opinion filed April 28, 1999. JANUARY TERM, 1999

An Appeal from the Circuit Court for Dade County, David L. Tobin, Judge, L.T. No. 96-19320.

Seipp, Flick Kissane and Daniel J. Kissane, for appellant.

McDonald McDonald and H.C. Palmer, III, for appellee.


The Final Judgment entered by the trial court is affirmed in all respects, including the finding that appellee is entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees.

After finding that appellee was entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees, the trial court reserved jurisdiction to determine the amount of those fees at a later date.