Not overruled or negatively treated on appealinfoCoverage
District Court of Appeal of Florida, Fifth DistrictSep 11, 2001
797 So. 2d 29 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 2001)

No. 5D01-2318.

September 11, 2001.

3.800 Appeal from the Circuit Court for Marion County, Carven D. Angel, Judge.

Lawrence Spangler, Lake City, pro se.

Robert A. Butterworth, Attorney General, Tallahassee, Mary C. Jolley, Assistant Attorney General, Daytona Beach, for Appellee.

See Carson v. State, 747 So.2d 1002 (Fla. 5th DCA 1999), rev. denied, 766 So.2d 220 (Fla. 2000); Abdullah v. State, 679 So.2d 846 (Fla. 5th DCA 1996).


SHARP, W., PLEUS and PALMER, JJ., concur.

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