Soulev.Bon Ami Co.

Court of Appeals of the State of New YorkApr 17, 1923
235 N.Y. 609 (N.Y. 1923)
235 N.Y. 609139 N.E. 754

Argued March 15, 1923

Decided April 17, 1923

Thomas J. O'Neill, F. Herbert Wadsworth and Leonard F. Fish for appellant.

Eugene W. Leake and Edward A. Craighill, Jr., for respondent.

Judgment affirmed, with costs; no opinion.

Concur: HOGAN and McLAUGHLIN, JJ.; CARDOZO, POUND, CRANE and ANDREWS, JJ., concur on ground plaintiff failed to prove profits resulting from change of plans. Absent: HISCOCK, Ch. J.