U.S.Jan 17, 1972
404 U.S. 1049 (1972)

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    The court finds that the correspondence restrictions imposed by the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility were…

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    At the outset, I note that Hoss does not contend that segregated confinement is cruel and unusual punishment…

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  • reversing district court's determination that plaintiff's punishment cruel and unusual; holding that due process requires no procedural safeguards beyond notice of the accusation, notice of the evidence against the prisoner and an opportunity to explain the actions giving rise to the accusations

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  • stating that "[l]awyers are not necessarily fungible goods"

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No. 71-5286.

January 17, 1972.


C.A. 2d Cir. Motion of Wisconsin Judicare for leave to file a brief as amicus curiae and to dispense with printing brief granted. Certiorari denied. MR. JUSTICE DOUGLAS is of the opinion that certiorari should be granted. Reported below: 442 F. 2d 178.