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Supreme Court of LouisianaFeb 4, 1983
426 So. 2d 175 (La. 1983)

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  • Shields v. Crump

    …The suit is reinstated. See Roland v. Tedesco, 426 So.2d 175 (La. 1983). We read these Supreme Court…

  • Howard v. Lee

    …of Dentistry v. Baker, 33,828 (La.App.2d Cir.9/27/00), 768 So.2d 683. See also Roland v. Tedesco, 426 So.2d…

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No. 83-C-0052.

February 4, 1983.

In re Crystal Roland, applying for writ of review and certiorari, to the Court of Appeal, Second Circuit. Parish of Caddo, First Judicial District Court.

Granted. The judgment dismissing plaintiff's suit is set aside, because of an abuse of discretion in denying a continuance. The suit is reinstated.