Rafiqv.Wilshire Credit Corp.

United States District Court, W.D. WisconsinDec 7, 2010
10-cv-752-wmc (W.D. Wis. Dec. 7, 2010)


December 7, 2010


Plaintiff has requested leave to proceed in forma pauperis in this civil action for monetary relief, brought under 42 U.S.C. § 1983. From the affidavit of indigency accompanying plaintiff's proposed complaint, I cannot determine whether he qualifies for indigent status.

To make this determination, I need to know plaintiff's actual gross monthly income for the past year. His affidavit of indigency information is contradictory concerning his monthly income. That is, plaintiff lists his monthly income as $24,000 from self-employment, but in the source of income section, he lists $0.00 to 3,000 a month from a partnership in the Mobile Gas Station at the corner of Hwy 100 and Oklahoma in West Allis, Wisconsin. To clear this up, plaintiff may have until December 21, 2010 to submit an amended affidavit of indigency that contains his actual gross monthly income from all sources for the last twelve months. I am enclosing a blank affidavit of indigency form to plaintiff with this order.


IT IS ORDERED that a decision whether plaintiff Mohammad Rafiq may proceed in forma pauperis in this action is STAYED. Plaintiff may have until December 21, 2010, in which to amend his affidavit of indigency and return it to the court. If plaintiff fails to provide this requested financial information in a timely fashion, then the court will deny his request for leave to proceed in forma pauperis for failure to show that he is indigent.

Entered this 6th day of December, 2010.