Supreme Court of AlabamaMay 14, 1925
213 Ala. 142 (Ala. 1925)
213 Ala. 142104 So. 264

4 Div. 129.

November 6, 1924. Rehearing Denied May 14, 1925.

Appeal from Circuit Court, Coffee County; W. L. Parks, Judge.

Ball Beckwith, of Montgomery, and Sanders Brunson, of Elba, for appellants.

Fleming Yarbrough, of Enterprise, M. A. Owen, of Elba, and M. S. Carmichael, of Montgomery, for appellee.

On the authority of Phillips v. Morrow, 104 So. 260, a companion case to this, and involving the same questions, the judgment in this case will be reversed upon the grounds and for the reasons stated in the opinion in that case.

Ante, p. 139.

Reversed and remanded.

All the Justices concur, except ANDERSON, C. J., and GARDNER, J., who dissent.