Fourth Court of Appeals San Antonio, TexasAug 19, 2013
No. 04-13-00148-CV (Tex. App. Aug. 19, 2013)

No. 04-13-00148-CV


Javier H. PEREZ, Appellant v. Patricia VILLARREAL and Israel Villarreal, Appellees

From the 111th Judicial District Court, Webb County, Texas

Trial Court No. 2011-CVT-000406-D2

Honorable Monica Z. Notzon, Judge Presiding


Appellees filed a notice of automatic stay. Attached to the notice is an order from the Texas Commissioner of Insurance stating Driver's Insurance Company, the insurance carrier defending appellees in this matter, is insolvent and has been designated an impaired insurer under Chapter 462 of the Texas Insurance Code. When the Texas Commissioner of Insurance issues an order designating an insurer as impaired, an automatic stay is required by statute. See TEX. INS. CODE ANN. § 462.309 (West 2009).

We therefore ORDER this appeal ABATED. For administrative purposes, the appeal will be treated as a closed case, unless and until it is reinstated by order of this court.


Marialyn Barnard, Justice

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the said court on this 19th day of August, 2013.


Keith E. Hottle

Clerk of Court