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Michigan Court of AppealsMay 4, 1972
40 Mich. App. 477 (Mich. Ct. App. 1972)
40 Mich. App. 477198 N.W.2d 904

Docket No. 12352.

Decided May 4, 1972.

Frank J. Kelley, Attorney General, Robert A. Derengoski, Solicitor General, Robert F. Leonard, Prosecuting Attorney, and Phillips B. Hildner, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, for the people.

Arthur J. Tarnow, State Appellate Defender, and James R. Neuhard, Assistant Defender, for defendant on appeal.

Before: QUINN, P.J., and V.J. BRENNAN and TARGONSKI, JJ.

MEMORANDUM OPINION. Defendant pleaded guilty to assault with intent to murder, MCLA 750.83; MSA 28.278. He was sentenced and he appeals.

A review of the plea transcript raises a reasonable doubt as to the truthfulness of the plea on the element of intent. The plea should not have been accepted, People v. Creger, 16 Mich. App. 59 (1969); MCLA 768.35; MSA 28.1058.

Reversed and remanded.