Pearsonv.Columbia Briargate

U.S.Jan 23, 1984
465 U.S. 1007 (1984)

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  • concluding that a conviction was improper where the jury charge contained a non-indicted theory of murder

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  • characterizing Indiana law as unresolved

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  • In Columbia Briargate Co., the court held that because South Carolina law imposed personal liability on a corporate agent for misrepresentation and because the agent's alleged misrepresentation occurred while he was in South Carolina for a few days, jurisdiction was proper under South Carolina's long arm statute and the fiduciary shield doctrine was inapplicable.

    Summary of this case from Escoto v. U.S. Lending

No. 83-895.

January 23, 1984.

C.A. 4th Cir. Certiorari denied. Reported below: 713 F.2d 1052.