North Mich. Land Oil
Mich. Consol. Gas

Not overruled or negatively treated on appealinfoCoverage
Supreme Court of MichiganJan 30, 2001
623 N.W.2d 242 (Mich. 2001)

No. 116983 and (33)(35).

January 30, 2001.

COA: 223319, Otsego CC: 97-007371-CK.

On order of the Court, the motions for leave to file amicus curiae briefs are considered, and they are GRANTED. The application for leave to appeal from the March 27, 2000, order of the Court of Appeals is considered, and, it appearing to this Court that the case of Travelers Ins Co v Detroit Edison Co (Docket No. 116610) is pending on appeal before this Court and that the decision in that case may resolve an issue raised in the present application for leave to appeal, we ORDER that the application be held in ABEYANCE pending the decision in that case.