Murphyv.De Revere

Court of Appeals of the State of New YorkJan 15, 1953
304 N.Y. 922 (N.Y. 1953)
304 N.Y. 922110 N.E.2d 740

Argued November 19, 1952

Decided January 15, 1953

Appeal from the Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Second Department, SCHMIDT, J.

William F. McNulty and Ubaldo N. Marino for appellants.

Donald A. Walsh for New York State Conference of Mayors and Other Municipal Officials, amicus curiae, in support of appellants' position.

Thomas J. O'Neill, Morton Sokol and Daniel Danziger for plaintiffs-respondents.

Oliver K. King for defendant-respondent.

Judgments affirmed, with costs; no opinion.

Concur: LEWIS, CONWAY, DYE and FROESSEL, JJ. LOUGHRAN, Ch. J., DESMOND and FULD, JJ., dissent and vote for reversal of the judgments and dismissal of the complaint.