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U.S. Supreme CourtJun 18, 1979
No. 78-1619. (1979)
No. 78-1619.442 U.S. 941

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  • U.S. v. Williams

    …See United States v. Jackson, 588 F.2d 1046 (5th Cir.), cert. denied, 442 U.S. 941, 99 S.Ct. 2882, 61 L.Ed.2d…

  • U.S. v. LaRouche Campaign

    …Other important factors are how pervasive the misconduct was and whether it was continuous, cf. United States…

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  • holding that officers did not violate the Fourth Amendment by listening to the accused's conversation through a motel wall

    Summary of this case from U.S. v. Hassan

  • affirming summary judgment for defendants charged with an unlawful search and seizure where plaintiff failed to present particular allegations or evidence supporting her claim

    Summary of this case from Easley v. Univ. of Michi. Bd. of Regents

  • authorizing pendent personal jurisdiction over related state law claims where federal statute invoked is Securities and Exchange Act of 1934

    Summary of this case from Iron Workers Local Union No. 17 v. Philip Morris

No. 78-1619.

June 18, 1979.


C.A. 9th Cir. Certiorari denied. Reported below: 589 F. 2d 438.

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