Grievance Comm., Sup. Court, D.C

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Court of Appeals of the District of ColumbiaJan 9, 1933
62 F.2d 1063 (D.C. Cir. 1933)

No. 5645.

Argued December 5, 1932.

Decided January 9, 1933.

Appeal from the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia.

S.L. McLaurin, of Washington, D.C., for appellant.

Bolitha J. Laws, and Charles F. Wilson, both of Washington, D.C., for appellee.

Before MARTIN, Chief Justice, and ROBB, VAN ORSDEL, and GRONER, Associate Justices.

Appellant appeals from a judgment of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, in general term, disbarring him from the practice of law in the District of Columbia. A careful examination of the record discloses ample evidence to support the finding of the court below.

The judgment is affirmed.