Matter of Goldstaub

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Supreme Court of New JerseyOct 19, 1988
112 N.J. 621 (N.J. 1988)
112 N.J. 621549 A.2d 38

October 19, 1988.



This matter having been duly presented to the Court on the Disciplinary Review Board's recommendation that the June 16, 1982, order of suspension entered against SEYMOUR GOLDSTAUB of GUTTENBERG, who was admitted to the bar of this State in 1960, be continued indefinitely and until such time as SEYMOUR GOLDSTAUB is able to demonstrate his medical fitness to practice law and SEYMOUR GOLDSTAUB having submitted proofs of his present fitness, and good cause appearing;

It is ORDERED that SEYMOUR GOLDSTAUB shall be restored to the practice of law on the further Order of this Court after he demonstrates his compliance with the following conditions:

1. Respondent's submission to the Court of a two-year proctorship agreement that has been approved by the Office of Attorney Ethics in accordance with Administrative Guideline No. 28;

2. Respondent's reimbursement of the Clients' Security Fund in the amount of $4,000, and

3. Respondent's reimbursement of the Ethics Financial Committee for appropriate administrative costs, including the production of transcripts, incurred in this disciplinary matter and respondent's prior disciplinary matter,

IMO Seymour Goldstaub, 90 N.J. (1982); and it is further ORDERED that pending his restoration to the practice of law, respondent shall continue to be restrained and enjoined from practicing law and shall continue to comply with Administrative Guideline No. 23 of the Office of Attorney Ethics dealing with suspended attorneys; and it is further

ORDERED that prior to the expiration of the first year of his return to practice, respondent shall submit evidence of his enrollment in and successful completion of six courses in basic legal education as offered by the Institute for Continuing Legal Education.