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Supreme Court of Rhode IslandNov 24, 1975
115 R.I. 947 (R.I. 1975)

M. P. Nos. 75-137, 75-276.

November 24, 1975.

Motion of respondent to pass Massey v. Mullen from the Argument Calendar for December 1975 is granted. Further, Massey v. Mullen, No. 75-137-M.P. and DiMasi v. Mullen, No. 75-276-M.P., are hereby consolidated for hearing and assigned to Monday, February 2, 1976. Briefs for petitioner, Ralph DiMasi, are to be filed on or before January 5, 1976. Briefs for respondent, James W. Mullen, are to be filed on or before January 26, 1976.

William F. Reilly, Public Defender, Allegra E. Munson, Asst. Public Defender, for Michael Massey.

John F. Cicilline, for Ralph DiMasi, petitioners.

Julius C. Michaelson, Attorney General, Judith Romney Wegner, Special Asst. Attorney General, for respondent.