Superior Court

Not overruled or negatively treated on appealinfoCoverage
Supreme Court of Rhode IslandApr 22, 1971
108 R.I. 928 (R.I. 1971)

M.P. No. 1366.

April 22, 1971.

Order of March 25, 1971 admitting petitioner to bail on indictments 70-112 and 70-113 and retaining jurisdiction in Supreme Court as to petitioner's recognizance is amended to vest such jurisdiction in Superior Court in the event petitioner should be convicted on either or both indictments. Roberts, C.J., and Paolino, J., not participating.

Dennis J. Roberts II, Carmine A. Rao, Harold I. Kessler, for petitioner.

Richard J. Israel, Attorney General, Robert L. DeCosta, Special Asst. Attorney General, for respondent.

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