M. Dean
First Savings Trust Co. of Tampa

Supreme Court of Florida, Special Division BJun 3, 1949
40 So. 2d 844 (Fla. 1949)

June 3, 1949.

Appeal from Circuit Court, Hillsborough County; L.L. Parks, Judge.

Tom J. Landrum, Tampa, for appellant.

Whitaker, Whitaker Terrell, Tampa, for appellee.

Appellee's motion to dismiss the appeal attempted to be taken herein should be and it is hereby granted upon authority of Simmons v. Hanne, 50 Fla. 267, 39 So. 77, 7 Ann.Cas. 322; and In re Warner's Estate, Fla., 33 So.2d 728.

ADAMS, C.J., and TERRELL, CHAPMAN, and HOBSON, JJ., concur.