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District Court of Appeal of Florida, Second DistrictFeb 24, 1958
100 So. 2d 187 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 1958)

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  • Krebs v. Boyer

    …June 1958. Certiorari denied without opinion, 100 So.2d 187.…

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No. 264-A.

February 7, 1958. Rehearing Denied February 24, 1958.

Appeal from Circuit Court, Orange County; Frank A. Smith, Judge.

Smith Tipton, Walter E. Smith, Orlando, for appellants.

Maguire, Voorhis Wells, Raymer F. Maguire, Orlando, and Fishback, Williams, Davis Dominick, Orlando, for appellees.

This action was consolidated on appeal with the case of Philp v. Trainor, Fla.App., 100 So.2d 181. It was stipulated by the attorneys for the appellants that the decision of this court in the case of Philp v. Trainor should be determinative of the appeal in this case.

Therefore, the order appealed from herein is likewise affirmed.

KANNER, C.J., and SHANNON, J., concur.

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