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  1. Search and Seizure - What Constitutes a Search

    Garland, Samuel & Loeb, P.C.Don SamuelSeptember 1, 2015

    The Court held, however, that a passenger has a reasonable expectation that other passengers — and hence the police — will not “feel the bag in an exploratory manner.” This is a reasonable expectation that was defied by the conduct of the police.Klayman v. Obama, 957 F.Supp.2d 1 (D.D.C. 2013)In a decision sure to be appealed, the District Court concludes that the NSA telephone data collection program probably violates the Fourth Amendment. The District Court held that the third-party rule announced in Smith v. Maryland, 442 U.S. 735 (1979), is obsolete in this new technological age where so much data about people is included in records maintained by service providers.