In the Matter of Byrd

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Supreme Court of South CarolinaOct 16, 1996
323 S.C. 470 (S.C. 1996)
323 S.C. 470477 S.E.2d 100

October 16, 1996


Petitioner filed a Motion to Terminate Suspension to Practice Law on June 26, 1996. After an investigation and a hearing, the Petitioner received the unanimous endorsement of the Committee on Character and Fitness.

After careful consideration of the Motion, it is hereby ordered that Mitchell King Byrd is reinstated as an active member of the South Carolina Bar.

/s/ Ernest A. Finney, C.J. /s/ Jean H. Joal, J. /s/ James E. Moore, J. /s/ John H. Waller, Jr., J. /s/ E. C. Burnett, III, J.