In re Abramowitz

D-175 (N.J. Dec. 2, 2019)

D-175 083405


In the Matter of Arnold M. Abramowitz, An Attorney At Law (Attorney No. 027231976)


The Disciplinary Review Board having filed with the Court its decision in DRB 18-420, recommending that Arnold M. Abramowitz formerly of Irvington, who was admitted to the bar of this State in 1976, and who has been suspended from the practice of law since April 13, 2015, be disbarred for violating RPC 1.1(a)(gross neglect), RPC 1.3(lack of diligence), RPC 1.4(b)(failure to keep client reasonably informed about the status of a matter and to comply promptly with reasonable requests for information) RPC 1.4(c)(failure to explain matter to the extent reasonably necessary to permit client to make informed decisions regarding the representation), RPC 1.8(e)(providing financial assistance to client), RPC 1.15(a)(commingling and negligent misappropriation), RPC 1.15(b)(failure to promptly deliver funds to a third party), RPC 1.15(d) and Rule 1:21-6(recordkeeping violations), RPC 5.5(a)(practicing law while suspended), RPC 8.1(a)(false statements to ethics authorities), RPC 8.1(b)(failure to cooperate with ethics authorities), RPC 8.4(b)(commission of a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer's honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer) RPC 8.4(c)(conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation), and RPC (d)(conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice);

And Arnold M. Abramowitz having been ordered to show cause why he should not be disbarred or otherwise disciplined;

And good cause appearing;

It is ORDERED that Arnold M. Abramowitz be disbarred, effective immediately, and that his name be stricken from the roll of attorneys;

ORDERED that Arnold M. Abramowitz be and hereby is permanently restrained and enjoined from practicing law; and it is further

ORDERED that all funds, if any, currently existing or hereinafter deposited in any New Jersey financial institution maintained by Arnold M. Abramowtiz pursuant to Rule 1:21-6 be restrained from disbursement except on application to this Court, for good cause shown, and shall be transferred by the financial institution to the Clerk of the Superior Court, who is directed to deposit the funds in the Superior Court Trust Fund pending the further Order of this Court; and it is further

ORDERED that Arnold M. Abramowitz comply with Rule 1:20-20 dealing with disbarred attorneys; and it is further

ORDERED that the entire record of this matter be made a permanent part of respondent's file as an attorney at law of this State; and it is further

ORDERED that respondent reimburse the Disciplinary Oversight Committee for appropriate administrative costs and actual expenses incurred in the prosecution of this matter, as provided in Rule 1:20-17.

WITNESS, the Honorable Stuart Rabner, Chief Justice, at Trenton, this 2nd day of December, 2019.