Bridgeport, No

Compensation Review BoardWORKERS' COMPENSATION COMMISSIONApr 25, 2002
4510 CRB 4 (Conn. Work Comp. 2002)

CASE NO. 4510 CRB-4-02-3CLAIM NO. 400004163

APRIL 25, 2002


Respondent, City of Bridgeport has filed a Petition for Review from the trial commissioner's March 8, 2002 Order. That order was issued as the result of an informal hearing. No record exists for this board to properly consider this appeal under Section 31-301. Therefore, the matter is remanded to the commissioner acting for the Fourth District for formal hearing or other appropriate action. See, Fiamma v. Moliterno Store Sales, 4465 CRB-1-01-12 (Dec. 20, 2001); Mele v. Hartford, 4453 CRB-1-01-9 (Nov. 30, 2001); McCall v. State/University of Connecticut, 4451 CRB-2-01-10 (Nov. 13, 2001); Quinn v. Dwan Co., Inc., 4216 CRB-5-00-3 (May 24, 2000); Lirot v. Mashantucket Pequot Gaming, 3400 CRB-2-96-8 (April 7, 1997); Warchola v. U.S. Gypsum Specialists, 11 Conn. Workers' Comp.Rev.Op. 108, 1444 CRB-1-92-6 (June 2, 1993).

John A. Mastropietro, Chairman Compensation Review Board Workers' Compensation Commission


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