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Supreme Court of Florida.Jul 8, 2014
147 So. 3d 522 (Fla. 2014)

No. SC14–621.


Timothy L. GADSON, Petitioner(s) v. Mike EDMONDSON, et al., Respondent(s).

The petition to invoke all writs jurisdiction is dismissed for lack of jurisdiction because the petitioner has failed to cite an independent basis that would allow the Court to exercise its all writs authority and no such basis is apparent on the face of the petition. See Williams v. State, 913 So.2d 541, 543–44 (Fla.2005); St. Paul Title Ins. Corp. v. Davis, 392 So.2d 1304, 1305 (Fla.1980). Petitioner's “Motion for Appointment of Counsolor” is denied. No rehearing will be entertained by this Court. PARIENTE, LEWIS, QUINCE, CANADY, and PERRY, JJ., concur.