Ex parte Pete

Court of Appeals Fifth District of Texas at DallasJan 12, 2016
No. 05-15-01521-CR (Tex. App. Jan. 12, 2016)

No. 05-15-01521-CR No. 05-15-01522-CR No. 05-15-01523-CR



On Appeal from the 292nd Judicial District Court Dallas County, Texas
Trial Court Cause Nos. F12-33559-V
, F12-33560-V, F12-33561-V


On December 16, 2015, this Court ordered the Dallas County District Clerk to file the clerk's records in these appeals by January 4, 2016. To date, the District Clerk has not filed the clerk's records nor has she communicated with the Court regarding the status of the clerk's records.

Accordingly, we ORDER Felicia Pitre, Dallas County District Clerk, to file the clerk's records in these appeals by TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2016. If the clerk's records are not filed by that date, the Court will utilize its available remedies to obtain the clerk's records.

We ORDER appellant to file his brief by FEBRUARY 5, 2016. We ORDER the State to file its brief by FEBRUARY 22, 2016.

The appeal will be set for submission after the Court has received the record and briefs, or the time for briefing has passed.

We DIRECT the Clerk to send copies of this order to the Honorable Brandon Birmingham, Presiding Judge, 292nd Judicial District Court; Felicia Pitre, Dallas County District Clerk; and to counsel for all parties.