D.P. v. G.J.P.

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  1. New Developments in Grandparent Custody

    Cozen O'ConnorLeora Cohen SchiffAugust 9, 2018

    Specifically, Section 5324 and Section 5325(2) of the Pennsylvania Domestic Relation Code, was amended to expand the ability of grandparents and other third parties to assert standing in custody matters. This legislation was passed as a reaction to the case of D.P. v. G.J.P., 146 A.3d 204 (Pa.2016), which limited grandparent custody rights by holding that grandparents were no longer able to assert standing solely because a child’s parents were separated for a period of at least six months. After the D.P. decision, a child’s parents would have had to initiate a divorce proceeding in order for the grandparents to seek custody.