Crummer Co.v.Dupont

U.S.Oct 10, 1955
350 U.S. 848 (1955)

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No. 300.

October 10, 1955, OCTOBER TERM, 1955.

C.A. 5th Cir. Certiorari denied. MR. JUSTICE CLARK and MR. JUSTICE HARLAN took no part in the consideration or decision of this application. Francis P. Whitehair, Warren Hall and Chris Dixie for petitioners. Richard W. Ervin, Attorney General of Florida, and Ralph M. McLane, Assistant Attorney General, for Clements et al., Clarence G. Ashby for DuPont et al., Donald Russell for Ball et al., Charles R. Scott for the St. Joe Paper Co., William H. Rogers for Pierce et al., Asbury Summerline for Gall, John W. Donahoo and Chester Bedell for the Cummer Sons Cypress Co. and H. M. Voorhis and W. H. Poe for Leedy, Wheeler Alleman, Inc. et. al., respondents. Reported Below: 223 F.2d 238.