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Superior Court of PennsylvaniaSep 25, 1970
269 A.2d 367 (Pa. Super. Ct. 1970)
269 A.2d 367217 Pa. Super. 789

Argued September 18, 1970.

September 25, 1970.

Proceeding upon motions to quash indictments and to suppress evidence before investigating grand jury. Before SPAETH, JR., J. Appeal, No. 1380, Oct. T., 1970, from order of Court of Common Pleas, Trial Division, of Philadelphia, Oct. T., 1969, Nos. 2723 and 2724, and Jan. T., 1970, No. 266. Argued September 18, 1970.

Arlen Specter, District Attorney, with him John Rogers Carroll, Special Assistant District Attorney, James D. Crawford, Deputy District Attorney, and Richard A. Sprague, First Assistant District Attorney, for Commonwealth, appellant; Henry T. Reath, with him Robert L. Pratter, and Duane, Morris Heckscher, for appellee.

The six judges who heard this appeal being equally divided, the order of the court below is affirmed.

HOFFMAN, J., absent.