Com. v. Cuevas

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  1. Capital Defense Weekly, September 29, 2003

    Capital Defense NewsletterSeptember 28, 2003

    If there is any doubt that the exclusion of the letter would have prejudiced Mr. Brown in a normal case, the trial judge's repeated references to the importance of the service of the troops remove that doubt from our minds. We hold that the exclusion of Mr. Turner's letter violated Mr. Brown's rights under the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments and that [*41] the exclusion was not harmless.CAPITAL CASES (Favorable Disposition)Pennsylvania v. Cuevas, 2003 Pa. LEXIS 1735 (PA 9/24/2003) Sentence vacated and remanded as the evidence was insufficient to prove one of two aggravators (murder in relationship to drug activity).Arizona v. Nordstrom, 2003 Ariz. LEXIS 126 (AZ 9/24/2003) Ring error not harmless beyond a reasonable doubt.Louisiana v. Carmouche, 2003 La. LEXIS 2584 (LA 9/26/2003) Remand ordered for a mental retardation "Atkins" hearingArizona v. Rutledge, 2003 Ariz. LEXIS 124 (AZ 9/17/2003) Ring error not harmless beyond a reasonable doubt.Arizona v. Prasertphong, 2003 Ariz. LEXIS 122 (AZ 9/15/2003) Ring error not harmless beyond a reasonable doubt.Fudge v. Arkansas, 2003 Ark. LEXIS 486 (Ark 9/25/2003) Trial court's order denying post-conviction relief does comply with Rule 37.