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Appellate Court of IllinoisJun 18, 1952
106 N.E.2d 845 (Ill. App. Ct. 1952)
106 N.E.2d 845347 Ill. App. 437

Gen. No. 45,616. (Abstract of Decision.)

Opinion filed June 18, 1952 Rehearing denied and opinion modified July 16, 1952 Released for publication July 17, 1952

Appeal from the Superior Court of Cook county; the Hon. JOSEPH A. GRABER, Judge, presiding. Decree reversed and cause remanded with directions to proceed in accordance with the views expressed in this opinion. Heard in the third division, first district, this court at the October term, 1951.

Maurice Weissman, for appellants;

Ditchburne Bohling, and Thomas J. Walsh, for appellees;

Harry S. Ditchburne, of counsel.

Not to be published in full. Opinion filed June 18, 1952; rehearing denied and opinion modified July 16, 1952; released for publication July 17, 1952.