Bernsteinv.Seyburn, Kahn, Ginn, Bess, & Serlin, P.C.

Supreme Court of Michigan.Dec 12, 2014
856 N.W.2d 389 (Mich. 2014)
856 N.W.2d 389497 Mich. 925

Docket No. 149032. COA No. 313894.


Randy H. BERNSTEIN, D.P.M., Plaintiff–Appellee, v. SEYBURN, KAHN, GINN, BESS, & SERLIN, P.C. and Barry R. Bess, Defendants–Appellants.

Prior report: Mich.App., 2014 WL 688652.


On order of the Court, the application for leave to appeal the February 20, 2014 judgment of the Court of Appeals is considered, and it is GRANTED, limited to the issue whether the plaintiff's claim for legal malpractice accrued at the time the defendants discontinued the provision of generalized legal services to the plaintiff and whether those services were “the matters out of which the claim for malpractice arose” under MCL 600.5838, see Levy v. Martin, 463 Mich. 478, 620 N.W.2d 292 (2001).

The State Bar of Michigan Professional Ethics Committee is invited to file a brief amicus curiae. Other persons or groups interested in the determination of the issues presented in this case may move the Court for permission to file briefs amicus curiae.