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  1. Protection of Designs in the United States

    Ladas & Parry LLPJohn RichardsMay 8, 2014

    But such cases are rare.[9]In re Yardley, 493 F.2d 1389, 181 USPQ 331 (CCPA 1974).[10] 37 CFR 202.

  2. Drawing a Line in the Floor—Courts Are Struggling With the Overlap Between Design Patent and Copyright

    Baker & Hostetler LLPChad RutkowskiOctober 13, 2015

    In 1974, the Court of Customs and Patent Appeals finally did address the doctrine head-on, and found it to be unsupported by the statutes. In re Yardley, 493 F.2d 1389 (C.C.P.A. 1974). Following Yardley, PTO reversed its policy on the election of protection doctrine.